NewPhonics Kindergarten
Classroom Kit includes:

  • 52 sequenced lessons
  • 26 puppets
  • laminated sound production face-cards
  • set of alphabet cards
  • Individual magnetic boards/letters.
  • 25 jugs jumbo magnetic letters (lowercase)
  • reinforcement phonics sheets (reproducible blackline masters)
  • assessment kit
  • substitute teacher instructions
  • teacher's manual, including program rationale, easily implemented instructions, and descriptions of the 52 lessons
  • language-enrichment journal sheets coordinated to the 52 lessons
  • 20 kindergarten sight word books (reproducable blackline masters)
  • Learn to print (reproducable blackline masters)
  • validation report detailing classroom field tests that show lasting, educationally significant gains in reading and spelling

3 NewPhonics Kindergarten Kit Sizes
• Regular classroom kit for 25 students
• Small classroom kit for 15 students
• Remedial classroom kit for 5 students

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NewPhonics - Kindergarten Reading Program

The NewPhonics: Kindergarten Components

This component uses a puppet and corresponding word play to either introduce or review a phoneme. For instance, for the short vowel sound /o/ the teacher holds up the octopus puppet who likes to play with his favorite /o/ sound and recites the word play: Ockah-lockah, Ockah-lee, Octavius Octopus that is me. Just call me /o/ for short.

Face Cards
This component provides children with multi-sensory cues and motor feedback to assist in learning and retrieving individual phonemes. Face-cards are photographs of children producing the various phonemes. Each face-card has a descriptive label and detailed description of salient facial features involved in phoneme production. For instance for the short vowel /i/ sound the label on the card is the Itchy-Nose Sound. The color picture shows the child producing /i/ by wrinkling her nose in a clearly exaggerated

Sound Symbol Cheer
This component uses a sound-symbol cheer to make explicit the alphabet letter that represents a particular sound. The cheer is a catchy mnemonic that helps children learn and retrieve the sound. For example, here the teacher and a child with a green pom-pom lead the letter /p/ cheer while another child shows the P letter card.

Phonemic Awareness Games
This component consists of a series of well-sequenced phonemic awareness games that promote an awareness of the phonemic structure of English. These games directly and systematically teach children to manipulate the phonological code. Most of the games are played with individual magnetic sound boards and magnetic letters and allow the children hands-on opportunity to manipulate phonemes. The games include: Find-It, Count-It, Match-It, Move-It, Break-It, Fix-It, Change-It, Add-It, Rhyme-It, and Whisper-It.

Additional Material

Teacher's Manual
The Teacher's Manual presents the program rationale, easily implemented instructions, and descriptions of all 52 lessons.

Validation Report
The validation Report details 8 classroom field tests that show lasting, educationally significant gains in reading and spelling in a variety of school populations. View PDF

Reinforcement Phonics Sheets
The Reinforcement Phonics Sheets are reproducible blackline masters. Also includes 'learn to print' handwriting sheets.

Language-Enrichment Journal Sheets
The Language-Enrichment Journal Sheets are coordinated to the 52 lessons.

Sight Word Activity Sheets
20 (My Book) kindergarten sight word activity books.

Assessment Kit
The Assessment Kit contains separate midterm and end-of-the-year assessment forms.

Substitute Teacher Instructions
The Instructions for Substitute Teachers provides specific guidance to substitute teachers to maintain instructional consistency.

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