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Effective Instructional Features:

  • Active student participation
  • High degree of teacher/student interaction
  • Multisensory program, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic
  • Consistent teacher modeling
  • Mnemonic strategies
  • Motor feedback
  • Cumulative practicing, spaced over time
  • Ongoing review with immediate corrective feedback
  • Kindergarten letter awareness
  • Phonemic awareness instruction

NewPhonics - Kindergarten Reading Program Validation Report

The NewPhonics - Kindergarten Reading Program

NewPhonics - Kindergarten Reading Program

The NewPhonics - Kindergarten Reading Program is:

  • A research-based kindergarten reading program.
  • Based on the most recent theories and finding in the field of reading research.
  • A balance program teaching phonemic awareness and letter knowledge and includes kindergarten sight words /reading activities and language enrichment reading worksheets
  • Proven effective with diverse kindergarten populations including suburban, urban and rural kindergarten children as well as special populations including special education children, at-risk readers, speech-language impaired children, children with limited English skills (ESL), developmental kindergartners and pre-first graders.
  • Well sequenced, systematic and explicit instruction.
  • An highly innovated method of teaching phonics which incorporates numerous effective instruction features known to enhance achievement outcomes (see list of Effective Instructional Features on right).
  • Designed to be used with the entire classroom, lessons taking 20-30 minutes.
  • Teacher friendly, everything is right at the teachers fingertip.
  • Highly entertaining for children with engaging puppets and word play, sound-symbol cheers, sound production face-cards, phonemic awareness reading games played with individual magnetic boards and magnetic letters.
  • Cost effective reducing the number of children referred for costly remedial programs.
  • Made up of high quality materials to be used year after year.
  • Fun! Children will have so much fun they will not even realize that learning to read and spell is difficult.

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